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Bud-ism Productions is the Brain Child of Tim Budas. An extension of his Masters Degree in Creative Enterprise, Tim set out to found Bud-ism in 2012.


Building on his experience in the Australian Voice Over & Film/Television industries, Tim sought to create an end-to-end voice over production studio.

2012 also saw Tim move to Los Angeles, California. This offered an exciting opportunity to take the company from an Australian-based business into the realm of virtual remote operations. This move allowed for a robust and innovative business model, and many early successes, operating in both the Australian & US markets.

Over the proceeding years, Bud-ism Productions has found steady and return support from future-facing clients and akin companies. The virtual/remote nature of the business being very enticing and exciting to other innovative companies.

Tim and the company have worked in numerous commercial and creative realms in recent years--From AAA console games, to multi-national  pharmaceutical company campaigns, to Audible audio books, to soundscape and ADR/loop work for both film and tv productions.

It has been a wild ride for the company, and we look forward to taking the ride into the future with you.